"At the beginning they were six. They walked in an endless desert. They walked and walked, and pain and humility were shown from their faces. Suddenly, on one day they heard a Voice. Voice asked: --Who are you? --We are we, we six, answered those six frightened. Voice decided to put the men on a test. --OK, it said, I have a price for one of you. It belongs to a man, who really earns it. After saying that Voice disappeared.

A price! Imaginations of waited fulfillment were running through their minds. -- A bucket full of champagne!, dreamed the first. -- A real hydroplane!, fancied the second. -- A share majority for a bank!, sighted the third. -- A harem!, feasted, the fourth. -- A magic stick, that gives you three wishes!, craved the fifth. -- A railway carriage filled with Keratin hair water!, said the sixth.

But now they were confused. -- Of course the price will be given to the one, who is the best of us, they thought, and I am only a ragamuffin like this. Their minds were blurred by greediness and incoming envy sealed the decision. -- I have to be something bigger and better than the others, I have to do something about it! So all of them slided to their own ways by using weak excuses.

In the darkness of the night there was a movement. -- Stop, who is coming? Shouted Voice. -- It is me, Juri Gagarin, first man at the space!, answered the first and came forward. -- It is me, Jacques Costeau, the tamer of Moby Dick!, hurried the second and came forward. -- It is me, Erwin Rommel, the fox of the desert! Shouted the third and came forward. -- It is me, Artturi Iivari Virtanen, the inventor of AIV forage!, twittered the fourth and came forward. -- It is me, the dog of Baskerville, the most famous character of world!, howled the fift and came forward. -- Dont' you know me, the great patron, the famous composer Kaj Chydenius!, demanded the sixth and came forward. -- Give me my price!, they all shouted simultaneously. The desert was filled by silence. -- You Pharisee, look at yourselves!, Voice thundered and disappeared to the emptiness.

There they stood those six and fearfully they turned to look the others and themselves. Deeply ashamed they undressed their disguises and started a new walk. They walked and walked because they knew that after this endless desert there must be a small fountain surrounded with date palms. And at the fountain there would be someone waiting for them. They walked and walked, and pain and humility were shown from their faces."